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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - The Forgotten Cure

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - The Forgotten Cure

Brainchild of Vijith and Navjot, The Forgotten Cure has the most talented session recording artist in the capital. The band does not restrict itself to one genre, instead chooses to explore every sub genre of rock. They have come together for the love of music and often weave melodies across genres and language be it is in Eglish, Hindi or Punjabi. Music, for them, is about spreading the message of love and forgiveness. It can be made out from their songs itself. You will find elements of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Heavy in their songs.

The band has been through some line-up changes in the past few years, but always returned, stronger than before. They have played a lot many competitions, proving this band is a force to be reckoned with.

Band Members- 

Vocal/Guitar - Jude 
Lead Guitar - Navjot ( N.Jay )
Bass - Himangshu ( He-Man )
Drum - Prashant (Shaant) 

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To book the band, contact (011)-43505477

Watch them in action, here