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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Malhaar

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist -  Malhaar

In an age where Grunge is dying out, bands are finding it hard to keep hold of the mantle, considering limited opportunities. One band that is making the most of the opportunities is Malhaar. This band from New Delhi has been doing their best to keep the Grunge scene alive, and is doing playing it in Hindi to give that extra edge to their performance. They picked up their influences from bands like Fakira, Sanam, Arijit, Christian band which clearly been seen in their performance. This 5 piece grunge band includes:

Band members:

Anjan - Vocals

Sourav - Lead Guitarist

Jeet - Rhythm Guitarist

Atul - Keyboard

Anurag  - Drums

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To book the band, contact +91-9899785078

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