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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Lost in Sirmaur

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Lost in Sirmaur
Lost in Sirmaur is a Delhi based band that plays Classical Blues music. This project was started by Manu Singh Panwar and Nripender Singh Panwar. Creating a perfect blend between Hindustani Classical music and American Blues, their music is a fine example of the mix of tradition and modernity.
Although, the rhythm section’s members, namely the bassists and drummers, have been changing periodically, these two brothers have maintained their mantle for a very long time.
The members are-
Vocals and Rhythm Guitar - Manu Singh Panwar
Vocals and Lead Guitar - Nripender Singh
To know more about the band, visit -
To book the band, contact +91-9899785078
Sway to their music below: