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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Functional Hazard

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Functional Hazard

Their music is as heavy as their name. Yes, Functional Hazard is a 4-piece alt rock/heavy metal band based in Delhi. The band was formed in 2014 and has been playing across various venues and competitions around Delhi. Due to their heavy nature of their songs, the band instantly hit with people who were looking to groove to not-so-common club music. And did they connect? Absolutely!

The group comprises of lead vocalist and guitarist Dev Mitra, bassist and backing vocalist Nigel, lead guitarist & backing vocalist Satish Anand, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Manan Sheth and drummer Tushar Kapila. Band has perfromed at Techno cultural fest at ABES Engineering College and Gobuzzinga Maggi Festival.

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Get a taste of their music below: