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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Alakh

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - Alakh

Delhi has lot to offer when it comes to music and one band that is making its tunes heard is Alakh. This Delhi-based band hit the music scene in the late 2015 and plays fusion rock genre. The band explains the meaning behind their band’s name: Alakh means A-Lakhshana which means beyond identifying features (lakhshana) or attributes. It refers to Attributeless God or Nirguna Brahman in here.

The band believes in the fact that music should be created to resonate within the hearts of its listeners. Hence, they primarily sings in Hindi, as they believe hindi music is the soul of this band and inspires them to strike the right chord in this maze of music genres and at the same time striving to retain the aura of Indian music.

Band members: 

Anubhav Singh - Percussions
Devesh Pandey - Vocals | Rhythm
Puraskar Nirwan – Guitars

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To book the band, contact +91-9899785078

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