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Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - 6ix MHz

Yahavi's Exclusive Artist - 6ix MHz

As the name suggests, 6ix MHz, is a 6 piece band working towards to make music that can inspire masses. Adding techno and trance to hard rock, the band don’t stick to particular genre. They love experimenting with music and hence it can be seen in their music.

The band is the brainchild of Ankit Arora (rhythm guitarist), Amit Singh (drummer) and Muzamil Yaqoob (bassist) along with the band's first vocalist Vivek Ahlawat in 2014 and started off the musical journey under the name of 'Mavas'.

Over the course of time, two more names have joined the band, Mayank Badoni (lead guitarist) and Ajay Kumar Xess (synth player/producer) and hence 6ix MHz evolved.

Members -

Niloy Roy - Vocalist 
Ankit Arora - Rhythm Guitarist
Amit Singh - Drummer 
Muzamil Yaqoob - Bassist 
Mayank Badoni - Lead Guitarist
Ajay Kumar Xess - Synth Player/Producer

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To book the band, contact (011)-43505477
Watch them in action, here