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Yahavi Exclusive Event- Django3000

Yahavi Exclusive Event- Django3000

"Hi Jakob (manager for Django3000)! Finally we meet. It is lovely to be able to host Django3000. We are honoured for this opportunity. How has your trip to India been so far?"

And with that, the conversation fades into the night. 

Last Thursday, on the 24th of November, Yahavi had the chance to work together with the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, to play host to Django3000. With its roots lying in Munich, Bavaria, Django3000 stepped onto Indian soil for their first tour on the sub-continent just over a week ago. 
Founded in 2011, Django has made a mark in the European music industry with its  gypsy-folk-rock interpretation. Their instruments include a rarely seen in India double bass, violin, drum and an acoustic guitar. Both combination and style of performance had the audience rising from their chairs to swing, clap and lose themselves in the rhythmically engaging sound of Django3000. 

Singing in a Bavarian dialect did not seem to upset the crowd more than a few mintues into the performance. As drummer Jan Phillipp-Wiesmann stressed, 'this is probably one of the things that make the performance more special!' The band, whilst composing or adapting old folk tunes, claim to keep their main goal in mind- arrangements and danceability. "That it's moving, that people can feel the energy and that what makes it possible for people to understand our music so they don’t have to understand the words. Songs-wise we sing about songs about love freedom and nature. Friendship-that’s probably the main theme," exclaims the drummer. 

Post interviews for Yahavi and NDTV, the band as well as the German entourage headed back to the stage, cameras lights and sound did one final check, till it was time for the band to get their act on. Drummer Jan queued Kamil, Florian and Michael to set off the performance. One, two,three,four,drum roll and here we go!

With their hits like 'Wuide, weide,welt', 'Heidi', and 'Bonaparty!' Django3000 got the groove going. Especially when contrabass player Michael decided to raise his feet off the floor and climbed onto his instrument, we heard the domino effect of jaws dropping to the floor. Thursday night achievement!

After much running around and dancing and seemingly endless moving of feet and clapping of hands, there was a demand for an encore. A winner night for all involved parties. And from all of us at Yahavi, we would like to thank the Cultural department at the German embassy and DJango3000 for a real unique experience. 


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