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Why 'Burning Man' is the most euphoric festival in the world

Why 'Burning Man' is the most euphoric festival in the world

Larry Harvey, in 1986, at San Francisco's Baker Beach, burned an effigy of a man that he and his friends created as an art piece. Later on, dozens of people started burning their art pieces. It represented the unique pre-requisite notion of an artist - letting go of all connections which bounds you to the artificial world, even from your own creations. The 'burning' is an expression to celebrate the lostness, a fundamental need of the Artist. It is a sign to remind them of all that matters is the journey and not the destination. From a handful of people in 1986, today it has become one of the most iconic festivals for travelers from all over the world - More than a festival, it has become a ritual of togetherness and free life.

Since 1990, ‘Man’ has been regularly burning in Nevada and now it has turned into an 8-day festival with over 50,000 participants every year. The festival represents more than an wild party; it represents a gathering of people who are literally going high on life; on the broader scale of things it represents several movements for the gay community, world peace, women empowerment, support for organic food and awareness towards the environment.

Burning Man belongs to one of those minor categories which are radically anti-capitalist, fanatic for freedom, hedonist yet responsible type of crowd. It is literally filled with countless stages and since a lot of artists join the festival, a large number of performances are witnessed. This festival is not abour performers, but the audience, every person attending cherishes a connection with arts of one type or the other. Expressing their mysteries and clearings, in their own ways. 

Here, you can find almost every genre of music, whether it is Techno, Deep House, Minimal, Rock or even Country per se. But that is not the end of it; you will also find plenty of other intense underground and experimental musicians in the gathering. After your visit - you will be coming back with a new perspective of the musical world. You will surely come across the most extraordinary personalities, some crazy costumes, designer bicycles, Aliens, Orgy tents and really innovative installations to spend 8 days of happiness.

The pass costs a nominal $400, but you should pounce on them as soon the sale starts. In a matter of 30 minutes, they will be all gone. Specifically there is nothing to buy or sell except for few drinks station at the centre camp and bags of cheap ice sold directly from giant trucks. But nevertheless, the river of liquor flows in this desert. The festival has its own airport, radio stations, several clinics and even a post office. You will find no high shining posters, advertisements or tips telling you what to do. The idea is to be lost in the magic of arts. You can get an idea of how responsible everyone is by the fact that it is a super clean space all throughout the festival, without even having one single trash can. ‘Leave no Trace’ is one major principle among 10 others, that all the attendees live by.

Creative people from all walks of life come together to create a heartfelt experience of tranquility and togetherness. It commences in the most awarded way, ‘the man’, who looks different every year, burns down – just like the temple that is flared with majestic heat – a sea of fire with millions of flashing LEDs – unreal and extraterrestrial.