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Who Rules the World? GIRLS

Who Rules the World? GIRLS

Another year is coming to an end, and the music industry is in its everlasting nature, booming the careers of many. Last week Forbes released the list of World’s Highest Earners of 2015. The new kid on the block, The Weeknd emerged as the favorite for Grammy’s and ended up landing a gig at Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Paris, which is as exciting as a teenager’s first wet dream. But is it enough to get him on the list of highest earners? Adele’s ‘25’ sold a massive 3.38 million copies, barely a week after its release. But even after the colossal launch, she could not make it to the coveted Forbes list.

Artists dig varied methods to have more green in the balance sheet than red. Most of the revenue comes from touring, which is the industry’s main moneymaker. Nobody illustrates this better than the year’s highest-grossing musician– Katy Perry with 126 tours around the world.

From last year’s 23rd position to the top in 2015, she owes much of her success to relentless touring with fans paying outlandish sums to see her live. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Fleetwood Mac are among the ladies making it to the list. Last year’s top earner, Dr. Dre found himself helplessly lying in the mid 20’s. One Direction is leading the British wagon followed by Calvin Harris, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Paul McCartney among the top earners of 2015.

It is time to look at 10 musicians who have profited from this year:

Rank I Musician I 2015 Earnings

  1.  Katy Perry $135 m
  2.  One Direction $130 m
  3.  Garth Brooks $90 m
  4.  Taylor Swift $80 m
  5.  The Eagles $73.5 m
  6.  Calvin Harris $66 m
  7.  Justin Timberlake $63.5 m
  8.  Diddy $60 m
  9.  Fleetwood Mac $59.5 m
  10.  Lady Gaga $59 m