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Weekend Playlist: Yahavi Delhi Artists

Weekend Playlist: Yahavi Delhi Artists

For a very long time, we have been creating beautiful playlists for all our readers. From Christmas playlist to Indian covers, we might have provided some of the best music there is. Now, on this edition of Weekend Playlist, we will be providing you with music that will leave you wanting for more. What’s more? Well, this time, it will be Yahavi Artists, starting from Delhi:

Fubar Ghetto:

Formed in the year 2010, this band from Delhi has a simple musical philosophy - "what you don't hear is as important as what you hear". The band explores empty spaces within tightly-knit musical phrases and psychedelia-tinged jams, through spontaneous expressions. Improvisation being the key ingredient, the band plays its own compositions, modern jazz classics and even straightforward blues riffs with a view to expand upon the pre-determined musical structure of any piece.

Basanti aur Rahza:

A relatively new player on the scene, Basanti Aur Woah is breaking all racial, religious and time barriers. The duo draws inspiration from poets and singers from all verticals of time {Ghalib, Rumi and Shubha Mudgal, to name a few} and amalgamates groovy, electronic rhythmic beats with traditional folk riffs, on a bed of Indian and Middle-Eastern melodies. It’s fresh, it’s worth getting on your feet for, and it comprises of Mahima Dayal and Azhar Anwar – Basanti and {aur} Woah respectively.

Aditya Balani:

Aditya Balani, a multifaceted musician wears many hats as a composer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, music producer and educator. Always looking to break new ground he inevitably and frequently finds himself in uncharted waters, seeking to mould his creative expressions.


Student of Modern School and a doctor by profession, WOOLGATHERING is known for exploring the Electronic genre and trying to get the best progressive house and techno.


AVE is the stage name of Avneet Singh, a music Producer, DJ and songwriter. He started writing songs for his friends while still at school and subsequently progressed to producing music after many a night spent experimenting in his lab. Although he focuses on the more groovy House and Techno sounds of Electronic Dance Music, his production style does also extends in to Progressive House, Trap & Hip Hop. Currently finishing work on his debut EP, Ave's music has come to represent an amalgam of melodic house music with deep underground vibes.