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Weekend Playlist November #4 - One Direction

Weekend Playlist November #4 - One Direction

This Weekend we are featuring the all boys band - One Direction. Enjoy a blissful weekend because their songs are going to set your mood high.

1. When One Direction’s debut album got No.1, Harry bought a mattress to celebrate.

2. 1D’s pre-gig ritual is cheers-ing Haribo sweets together. Louis explained: “We do the sweets like they’re drinks. We ‘cheers them’. It’s very strange but it’s for good luck.”

3. Liam and Niall both have the same middle name; James. Louis’s middle name is William, Zayn’s is Jawaad and Harry’s is Edward.

4 Niall used to have two pet fish called Ben and Jerry, they died because Niall accidentally fed them too much. Devastating.

5. Niall likes girls who eat as much as him. We can definitely help there!

6. Harry previously said his fave foods are sweetcorn and tacos, no one knows if he means together.

7. Liam only had one working kidney when he was born, but it’s ALL FINE NOW, PEOPLE. REMAIN CALM.

8. Zayn was once a waiter.

9. Harry eats Twix bars at the same time so that the other doesn’t get ‘lonely’.

10. The One Direction dolls were created using laser image face sculpting so they’d look as realistic as possible. They’re also 30cm in height, which is kind of massive.