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Weekend Playlist: Nine International Musicians with Indian Origins

Weekend Playlist: Nine International Musicians with Indian Origins

In the current music scenario, we are now growing right to a new age. We hear sounds and music that were previously deemed impossible to produce. And amidst all the experimentation, we have learnt to embrace the varieties in music. India, being known for its richness in Classical music, has provided many contributions to the evolution of music.

Indian music has carved its mark in International music. From Anoushka Sharma to Zakir Hussain, each one has proved that India is ahead regarding Classical music. But, in the past decade, we have seen quote a rise in the number Indian musicians in the fields of Jazz, Rock, Metal, HipHop and Electronic Music. Let us check out some famous names that are of Indian origin:

Anup Sastry

UK-based drummer, Anup Sastry is one of the most recognized names in the Progressive Metal scene in the world. Formerly the drummer of big names like Intervals and Skyharbor, he now handles drum duties for Monuments. He has also featured on Marty Friedman’s solo album last year and played with Jeff Loomis, live! In 2013, Anup caused waves in the metal music community when he released his debut solo album ‘Ghost’.

Dave Baksh

Dave Baksh is a Canadian music producer and the guitarist of the punk band, Sum41 that he rejoined after a gap of nine years. With his musical passion undying, he is also the singer and guitarist of his own heavy metal reggae blend project ‘Brown Brigade’.

Freddie Mercury

Vocalist of the legendary band, Queen, Freddie Mercury is from India. Specifically speaking, Mumbai. In a 2005 poll by Blender and MTV2, Mercury was voted the best male singer of all time, as he’s considered one of the greatest rock legends in history. Not to mention, apart from his beautiful voice and fantastic lyrics, his stage presence is phenomenal, and his performances are unparalleled in energy and passion.

Anoushka Shankar

Like father, like daughter. Anoushka Shankar is one of the leading music composer and a Sitar player in World Music. She studied Indian classical music from the age of 9 from her father and guru, the legendary Ravi Shankar. She became an established classical Sitarist by the age of twenty, exploring and mixing Indian classical music with various genres of flamenco, jazz, electronic and Western classical music. Among her allocates, she has been nominated thrice for the Grammy awards and was the youngest and first female, recipient of a House of Commons Shield from the British House of Parliament in 1999.

Misha Mansoor

Guitarist of prog metallers, Periphery, Misha Mansoor has taken unique advantage of social media with his debut studio project, Bulb. This gave rise to Periphery, which is regarded as one of the best progressive metal band in the world. With his soaring guitar sounds and polyrhythm, Misha is considered one of the guitar gods.

Kim Thayil

Kim is known as the Lead guitarist of the Seattle-based rock band called Soundgarden. In 2003, he was named the 100th greatest guitarist by Rolling Stone. He is the co-founder of Soundgarden, the band that bought back the grunge era after Nirvana, the stepping stone to metal.

Mallika Sundaramurthy

Mallika is the vocalist for a Death Metal band called Abnormality, based in Boston. Apart from this, she also has been a part of extreme groups like Parasitic Exterpation. Abnormality is signed with Sevared Records, and this half Tamilian has been tearing apart various venues. Success!


Best known for his remixes like Magic of Coldplay and Animals of Maroon 5, Zaeden is the youngest Indian DJ that has been featured at Tomorrowland, alongside Borgeous. He rose to fame when he became the first Indian to be featured in Hardwell on Air, after which he signed on to MusicAllStars Publishing.

Pavan Mukhi

Pavan Mukhi, founder of the acclaimed rap crew Foreign Beggars, took UK underground music by complete surprise after moving there post formation in Dubai. He has been rapping, for the most part, under the moniker Orifice Vulgatron, Pavan and his team went on to open for acts such as Snoop Dogg and Public Enemy. Much like his band which has a varied trajectory, the groups borrows influences from each member’s significant cultural base.