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Weekend Playlist: Indie Electro Music

Weekend Playlist: Indie Electro Music

We have crazy new talents scouring around in our music industry. We have been listening to very innovative sounds from various artists and, as far as we could listen, the list is endless. But we have managed to compile down a list of young must-listen-to music producers who are shaping up the music industry like no one other:


In this burgeoning era of Dance Music in India Sahil Sharma aka Zaeden started Djing when he was 14 years old. Shortly after starting his career as a DJ he began to climb the steps of fame by consecutively winning the War of Djs in the year 2010-11 & 2011-1012. His unique style of combining the new age Big room sounds with the classical melodic house and his eclectic production skills can clearly be heard in his first single Land of Lords (Out on JoeySuki's Dubbed Records) with the Dutch producer Syzz which was supported by the likes of Andrew Rayel, Tritonal, Jordy Dazz and many more .

Progressive Brothers

India based DJs and Music Producers -Progressive Brothers (Sunny & Kay-b) have been sighted as the upcoming talent that has ushered in some of the freshest Progressive/Trance/House/Commercial music out of India. As India’s influence on the EDM Map is increasing every passing day, Progressive Brothers have kept their hands on both Djing and Music Production and have helped their act grow in the music forum.

Mojo Jojo

Akshay Johar, AKA MojoJojo is a Delhi-based music producer whose speciality lies in Dubstep and Drum N Bass. He also plays bass for various bands, including Prateek Kuhad and many more. His shows are a treat to watch.


The electro funk duo, Imaad Shah and Saba Azad are known to mix crazy electro funk and incorporate them with live guitars, synths and vocals. Before fame, Imaad Shah entered the music scene as Madboy, gigging on and off and uploading songs online, while Azad used to guest vocals with bands like Blackstratblues. Madboy/Mink started off as a music project, and are doing very well in the scene.

Karsh Kale

Music producer and Percussionist, Karsh Kale is primarily known for his unique music, mixing tabla and electronic percussive music. Karsh Kale was born in US and his music roots was influenced the Western and Eastern styles equally. With a decade worth of experience, Karsh Kale has taken the Indian Indie scene by storm and continues to influence many.


There is only one artist who can manage the crowd to shout ‘F**k that S**T’, in an area of absolute calm and serenity in Mumbai. Yes, Nucleya. He did that! Nucleya’s style of music is an entirely new sound that has hooked his listeners. With this moniker he started exploring different styles of music, and came across dubstep and instantly fell in love with it.