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Weekend Playlist: Indian Bands with Killer Music Videos

Weekend Playlist: Indian Bands with Killer Music Videos

Making a music video in India is a tough job! And, what we mean is, in the terms of resources. Yet, some bands have persisted and made some really stunning videos. Let’s check them out:

Ganesh Talkies

Ganesh Talkies is an alt-rock band from Kolkata, which was formed in mid-2011. They are firm believers in the art of performing and giving the live audience their money’s worth. They always appear on stage in the elaborate garb which is loud, eye-catching and as In Technicolor from their recently released album of the same name. Maintaining that they will always dress up crazily for shows, their flair for theatrics is evident from the fact that they wore rented marching band costumes for their first gig.


Anthracite is a Nu-Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. The group believes in making music that appeals to all kinds of audiences without actually deviating 'Metal' roots. Students of Bunts Sangha College in Mumbai are likely to be familiar with the industrial metal band, Anthracite. The band won a competition at the college in 2012, the year they formed. Over the year, they have mainly been playing on campuses across India, from Kharagpur to Pune. And their debut album makes this fact amply clear.

Goddess Gagged

Goddess Gagged is a five-piece metal act from Mumbai. The band describes their sound as post-hardcore with progressive elements. According to the band, what sets Goddess Gagged apart from the others is the fact that they channel their influences in modern metal into a unique sound.

Junkyard Groove

Junkyard Groove is an alternative rock band from Chennai. Formed in 2005, the band has been a permanent feature of the modern Indian rock scene for much of the last decade. The band has independently released an EP Nicer In A Minute and their debut album 11:11 [Bootleg].October 2013 saw the band release their second album 'Accidental Hero'.  The band has supported Megadeth and Mr Big on their respective India tours.


Coshish is a Progressive Rock band from Mumbai, formed somewhere in 2007. Fusing elements of Progressive Rock, with the more easily acceptable popular songwriting styles of Hindi Rock, seems to come naturally. The band believes that their songs should have mass appeal and yet retain enough musical dexterity to appease professional musicians without compromising on simplicity. Their songs have a spiritual bent delivered beautifully through Hindi lyrics.