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Weekend Playlist: 5 Great Cover Songs

Weekend Playlist: 5 Great Cover Songs

It is when you hear the cover songs that you truly begin to gain respect for the originals. But sometimes, the case is entirely different. The cover versions may turn out to be better than the originals. Listen to it and decide which one is better? Original or Cover!

Stairway to Heaven - Dolly Parton

Not many artists have ever dared to cover "Stairway to Heaven." Dolly Parton had just the right mix of simplicity and brilliance to pull off a very different, yet captivating take on the song. Working with some top groove bluegrass musicians, Dolly pulled off the unthinkable, and the results were surprisingly great. It was good enough for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to approve of it, even letting Dolly add some of her own lyrics of her own at the end of it.

Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson

American artist Marilyn Manson covered "Tainted Love" with an order based on Soft Cell's version, and released it as a single from the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack. It was released in 2001. It was later included on the band's succeeding album The Golden Age of Grotesque as a bonus track.

Released in the UK on March 23, 2002, it is the band's greatest hit in that country. The song entered the UK singles chart at #6 the week before its official release date, as a result of firm import sales. The song reached its peak position of #5 the following week, and spent a total of 22 weeks in the Top 75. The song topped the Portuguese chart. It was nominated for the Kerrang! Award for Best Single in 2002.

Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash

Cash explained why he liked to cover this song: "I heard that as a gospel song. And if you think of it as a gospel song, it works really well. We didn't have any significant difference in that song, I just heard that a couple of people had recorded it, the writer wanted me to try it, and I did, and I loved it. And I went for it."

Love Buzz - Nirvana

This was Nirvana's first single. Ironically, it is a cover of a song by the Dutch band Shocking Blue ("Venus"), whose version released in 1967 didn't earn the charts. The song was a staple at many of Nirvana's early shows. Today, the single is notably rare.

It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork

This is a remake of a 1948 song by Betty Hutton that was composed by Hans Lang and Bert Reisfeld. The original is titled "Blow A Fuse." This became Björk's biggest hit in the UK. It led to the Icelander's subsequent single releases "Hyperballad" and "Possibly Maybe" also reaching the UK Top 20. Björk later essentially disowned the song by not including it on her 2002 greatest hits album. It is thought that Björk was saddened that her most famous song is an unusual cover done in a style entirely different to anything else she has recorded.