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Vir Das: A Biography of the Funny Man from Dehra Dun

Vir Das: A Biography of the Funny Man from Dehra Dun

Vir Das is one of the most established comic artists of India. Apart from being a comic, he is also an actor who is well known for playing Arup in Delhi Belly and plays in a band called Alien Chutney. Over many years, his funny one liner earned him much fame.

He was born to an ordinary family in Dehra Dun in 1979. But, his education was done around the world. Yes, he is an alumnus of the Indian Language School, wherein he studied in Lagos. He obtained his degree in Economics and Theatre from Knox College, Illinois, where he first started to get a hang of Act Writing. His first on-stage act was Men Can’t Hump in Harbach Theatre at Knox and later became an assistant for beginners in the field of acting.

During his stay in the States, he carved himself a small niche in the field of performing arts by writing and performing over 100 comedy plays. His distinct sense of intelligent comedy can be seen in plays like Who Let the Das Out?ViRagraSon of a Switch. Each one of his shows are sold-out within a couple of days.

His style of comedy can be viewed in many genres of entertainment. He used to host Cricket First on Zee Sports and was cast additionally on The Great Indian Comedy Show.

He got his first on-screen breakthrough with Zoom TV, where he was allotted two TV show slots of his own. One was Is Route Ki Sabhin Linein Maast Hain where he played an agonized uncle and the other was his stand-up comedy late night show, Ek Rahin Vir. These shows were aired on Zoom TV, where the popularity got placed Vir on the comedic map in India, thus landing the role of the host of Top Drive on Star World.

Continuing his success ladder, he landed in the film industry with Badmaash Company and Delhi Belly, after a successful gig at Lodhi Garden in Delhi. Both of them were a commercial success.

In the field of music, Vir Das’ band, Alien Chutney is one of India’s premiere bands; consisting of Vir Das, Sidd Coutto (Tough on Tobacco), Gaurav Gupta (Tough on Tobacco), Warren Mendonsa (Zero) and Kaizad Gherda. The songs are a mix of sophisticated music with insane lyrical themes. The band has performed in places like Blue Frog and festivals like NH7 Weekender.

Vir Das has been known to give out very helpful tips to students on his social media feeds. One of them is the time when he uploaded his 12th examination results where he scored 59%, thus urging parents around the world to rally around their children no matter how they did.

Vir Das currently has an impressive portfolio of over 35 plays, more than 100 stand up comedy shows, 8 TV shows, two movies and six comedy special behind him. There isn’t any other modern comedian out there who can attempt the entertainment genre the way Vir can. He can create and produce high-quality intelligent comedy, a character missing in Indian parody for a long time now. Right now he is working on AGP Productions in plays like Walking on Broken Das, Battle of Da Sexes and History of India: VIRitten.