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Venues and LIVE Gigs you MUST attend

Venues and LIVE Gigs you MUST attend


We created a list of venues and gigs you just can't afford to miss. From delicious food to miraculous settings and gigs to steal your heart away, here are the five venues that you must watch out for in the next week. For music lovers, this is the opportunity to fulfill the urge of exploring the best venues which offer everything one needs in order to have a gala time. 

1. UZZURI Deli & Bar

Located right at the edge of iconic Janpath road, Uzzuri Deli & Bar offers exciting cuisines from all over the world. The best cocktails in town laced with happening events that can make your day. This restaraunt is all about good vibes and vibrant atmosphere. The urban designing and euphorious lighting of the venue gives you the possibility to have a relaxed time at any given evening or night. A lot of people come here to find their own personal space in the noisy roads and pavements of Connaught Place. They usually come here with a book and embrace the positivity of this venue. Every afternoon you will find some mellow, jazz or soft rock music, which turns into a deep house setting by the night. Remember not to miss on the desserts, they are a must have at Uzzuri.


 Upcoming Events to Attend:

 Open MIC

 Date & TIME: SATURDAY 28th November 2015, 8 PM onwards

 Why Attend It? :  An Open Mic of Soft and Classic Rock. Listen to the upcoming talent and the youth, figure out the Delhi music scene. This event is an exciting one because of the type of talent they've planned to showcase.


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 2. Hybrid

  GRAND, is the one word which could describe this venue. It has a Huge sitting area on the ground floor, alongwith a bar, which is probably the longest Bar in town. Hybrid has the perfect terrace to relax and have a good time, whether in wintery afternoons or chilly nights. The Bar on the terrace is oval shaped and provides a perfect setting for drinking enthusiasts. Not just drinking, their exotic dishes are yummy till the last bite. With an in-house restaurant and exciting events every week, the venue caters to all kinds of event goers. Hybrid also organizes open mic gigs, standup comedy and clubbing shows. It is an ideal venue to get the best of all deals.

 Upcoming Event to Attend:

 Comedy Night 

 Date & TIME: Every Monday from 6:30 PM onwards

 Why Attend It? :  Mondays won’t be mundane anymore. Laugh your gutt out with all these assorted comedians. Socialize, Eat, Drink, just because it's Monday, does't mean that you don't deserve a good time. The comedy night goes on for 2 entertaining hours at a stretch. We assure you, if you come here once, this will become your one stop for every Monday.

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3. London Kitchen Company

The venue is famous for serving authentic British cuisine. With a well-thought interior, it carries the exclusive ambience that encompasses the milestones of London, featuring the exquisite specialties from around the globe. London Kitchen is also famous for its live entertainment.  


 Upcoming Event to Attend:

 A night of Sufi Music

 Date & TIME:  2nd Dec,2015, 8:00 PM onwards

 Why Attend It? :  Get immersed in the soul stirring musical night by Puneet Sharma. Puneet Sharma is one Artist who is an overall package. Attend his performance and you will turn into a fan by the end of it. He sings old classic songs, with a unique touch of his own. His performance will take you back in time...

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4. The Nest 

A Lounge which is famous for serving multi-cuisine items, drinks & a classy ambiance to laze around - The Nest located at Lado Sarai offers some of the best parties in Delhi. It has the amalgamation of soulful food and quality entertainment. It is famous for Bollywood and EDM nights, with the elite crowd. 

 Upcoming Event to Attend:

 EDM & Bollywood Session

 Date & TIME: 28th Nov, 2015, 9:00 PM onwards

 Why Attend It? :  Dj Kamya is in the house. Enjoy commercial EDM and Bollywood sessions. This is one party which is apt for the madness of a Saturday night.

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 5. Drums Of Heaven 

Located in Green Park, South Delhi, Drums of Heaven is the heavenly adobe of Bollywood Rock and Sufi music.  It is a great venue to lose it all and sink in the spirit of LIVE music and delicious food and intoxicating mocktails. The ambiance of the venue is truly magical and enchants you completely.


 Upcoming Event to Attend:

 Sufi Night

 Date & TIME: Saturday 28th Nov 2015, 9 PM onwards

 Why Attend It? :  Sufi rock genre is becoming very popular. Enjoy the music with Puneet Sharma singing away to mesmerize the crowd with his powerful vocals.

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