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Vadodara loves live sound

Vadodara loves live sound

It is somehow incongruous to have all the Metalheads in an artistic and cultural city of Vadodara. Although an insurmountable respect is being given to the art of singing, one would not find a vocalist who cannot growl. 

Percussion is the key element of almost every metal band you see performing around the city. The local people are so much inclined towards the concept of live music that almost every other weekend, there is one free gig solemnly held at the open amphi theatre for the viewers to have fun and be exposed to different genres of music. 

It is said, to build the culture, it is necessary for one to witness and grow with it .The audience is mainly comprised of youth, but you see people engaged in every kind of show, be it metal, classical or blues. There shall come a time when a granny and granddaughter will be seen head banging. The credit for versatility and openness to different forms of music goes to the Faculty of Performing Arts, Faculty of Music and the mental structure of people.

The most famous band of metal is ‘Aeon of Darkness’ winning almost every competition held in and around Gujarat college festivals. The performers are young and wild. Their playing is crisp and the art of presentation takes the audience on a level where they do not feel like returning from it. They have their own original compositions which are energetic and meaningful. It would be hard to believe but almost every other corner that sells cutting chai have two three groups jamming right there on the street. Anybody and everybody is welcomed. Just create sound. Because Music. Connects.


Author: Khushboo Jain

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