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Up Close & Personal: John Mpamei

Up Close & Personal: John Mpamei

We had members of the Delhi-based alternate rock band from Manipur, John Mpamei, Johan (Guitarist and Vocals) and Rambei(Bassist) in our office one day to share a few words with us.

We started playing at Hard Rock Cafe during the Hard Rock Rising concerts and that was why we decided to form a band. Since then, we’ve been fairly active as a band. We're still working hard so we're still hoping for the best. In our journey; we've been contacted by agencies and ask to perform in places like Mumbai and obviously around the Delhi NCR area.

On being asked what their core genre was?

We focus mainly on soft rock. We sometimes diversify into alternative and other forms of rock, but if we're asked right now what we like to play more we'd have to say soft rock like Maroon 5, Coldplay etc.

We asked them what they think about Delhi's music culture and the preferences that the EDM followers have.

We don’t really care, we try our best to reach out to them from our side, and we try to communicate that way through our music. We really only care about playing our own gig, no matter how many people there are.

When asked about their views in electronic music they had the following to say.

People have different tastes, we don’t differentiate between genres. If that’s what people like then it’s okay. At the end of the day we do what we love.

When asked about whether they were interested in taking part in fusion projects.

Right now we aren’t really focusing on that but maybe we will in the years to come. Its good to interact with other musicians but for now we'll stick to our own thing.

The two had the following to say about Yahavi's efforts

This company is really doing a good job, it creates a direct connection between the musicians and their crowd. Transparency is very important and we believe Yahavi is providing artists with that transparency.

When asked about their inspiration and what they thought was the best band ever.

We listen to a lot of bands and hence we have a lot of inspirations, at one time we used to play metal and now we’ve changed. If we were to name the best band ever we'd have to say Coldplay.

What is their dream performance?

It would be kinda like Coldplay's gigs, with the stage in the center of a stadium. We just want to have a great time that’s all.

We are currently focusing on recording and stuff so we can release our next single, it's called 'You’re my angel' we don’t have fixed release date since we're still working on it but we hope the people like it.