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Tunes From The Folk Music Of Rajasthan

Tunes From The Folk Music Of Rajasthan

Mesmerizing the world with their rustic flavour of the classical folk music, The Manganiar seduction remains rooted to their classical folk music form but the style of their presentation remains unique, deviating from the norm to communicate with the modern world. The result of their creative blend is such that they have performed melodies between Persia, Punjab and several other countries.


About: The Manganiars

The Manganiyars are a community of Muslim court musicians whose royal patrons may have disappeared but their music remains alive in today's time. They sing songs about Alexander the Great, about the past battles in the regions, the local Rajput Maharajas. Though Manganiar and Langhas communities are Muslim, many of their songs are based in praise of Hindu deities. Before beginning their recital, they invoke the Hindu God Krishna to seek his blessings. To this day, they continue to ask for alms in lieu of entertainment, performing in martial ceremonies, birthdays and even deaths.



Made of mango wood, the 17-string khamaycha is a bowed instrument. Three of its strings are goat intestine while the other 14 strings are steel.


It is a kind of castanet made of teak. The name of which is derived from "Khar" meaning hand and "Taal" which signifies rhythm.


The hand drum from classical North Indian, Nepalese and Pakistani is similar to a bongo. The coating on the inner surface helps lower the pitch.


The Manganiyar Seduction

Several Manganiar group tour internationally, spreading the ethos of their cultural renaissance to the world.  The Manganiar seduction is one such prominent group of the Manganiars. The group is known for their effortless rapturous union that exists between the traditional form of music and the visual aid provided with the dazzling theatrical experience. The band creates a dramatic progression of instruments and the voice helps the audience foray into a celebrated musical journey. Hear them out, they are a treat to your senses: