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Top Bass Players of India

Top Bass Players of India

Bass is one of the most integral parts of a band. As they say, a band is only as good as the bassist and drummer. It is often looked upon as a support instrument or an accompaniment to the drums. But, a few bass players in India are changing the name of the game by their innovative outlook and gave a new perspective to thr instrument. Let us look at some legends below:

Sheldon D’Silva

Starting off his bass playing at a ripe age of 12, Sheldon D’Silva is one of the most sought after bass players in India. He has explored multiple genres in a course of time, right from pop to rock, and later found his calling in Jazz. He is inspired by renowned bassists like Jaco Patitucci, Gary Willis and Victor Wooten. His musical versatility is evidenced by his belief which is that Bass is a bridge between Rhythm and Melody and hence is an integral part of any band, regardless of the genre.

Mohini Dey

A bass prodigy, Mohini Dey took up the bass at the age of 3 from her father, Sujoy Dey. She started playing with the big names in the industry like Zakir Hussain, Ranjit Barot, Hariharan when she turned just 11 years old. Quite an achievement for a person to have after entering the double digits. Ranjit Barot first saw her playing a Fender with such mastery that he featured her on his album Bada Boom and made her a part of his band at MTV Unplugged. Within a span of a few years, she now plays with AR Rahman.

Karl Peters

Karl Peters is one of the most revered bass players from India. His knowledge of the Western Jazz Harmonies and the Indian melodic concept makes him one of the most sought after player in any Indian or Western musical group. He is a living legend and endorses Warwick bass. He has toured all over India and played many shows with musical experts like Louis Banks, Ranjit Barot, Shivamani and lots more. And every time he performs, the true virtuosity of the bass is displayed.

Keith Peters

Keith Peters hails from a family of musicians. He is the brother of Karl Peters and also one of the most sought after bassists after him. He worked with AR Rahman for almost two decades, and since then, there has been no stopping him. His diverse style of playing landed him gigs with musicians like Dr. L Subramaniam, Zakir Hussain, U Srinivas, Charlie Mariano, Billy Cobham, Derico Watson, Ranjit Barot, Louis Banks, Pt. Hari Prasad Chourasia, Ganesh Kumaresh, Kadri Gopalnath, Rama Mani, Sivamani and Amit Heri.

Mishko M'Ba

French musical genius Mishko M'Ba is a musician notably known for playing bass with fusion supergroup Arka. Having worked with renowned artists such as Raul de Suza, Lucky Ali, Khaled and Didier Lockwood, Mishko M'Ba has established himself as a versatile bass player. With an exciting and intensely dynamic style of bass playing that combines melodic and rhythmic structures, Mishiko Mba makes his bass sing. He is also a part of Pondicherry based Carnatic fusion band Krishna’s Temole Rock.