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Things All Musicians Must Regulate Before Production

Things All Musicians Must Regulate Before Production

Music as a profession is a very complex and mysterious industry. When you work in this industry, then at times you are asked to measure and regulate your overall performance. That requires a lot of things apart from your artistic ability.

Just like any other process and market, to find success you are required to focus on a long-term plan. If you don’t have it then you should most definitely make one now.

  • Before you start, you must define your expectations. In this world-over music industry, there can be many goals. You must decide whether you want to be a name on the charts, you want to work in a subculture underground movement or you want to work in the direction of pioneering musical technologies. All of it makes complete sense and only you can figure out which one is your type.
  • You will also have to figure out, what way of propagation you are good at. For example, there are some who believe in tours and performances more than the album or record launches of the studio, and then of course there are others who believe in reaching the perfection in a studio.

 So, until you won’t figure out what is your most specified goal how will you plan your approach?

  • After which comes genre selection. A lot of learning producers do the mistake of dwelling in a genre which is in trend, whether it is their choice or not. If you really want to be good in any industry, and especially in the music industry then you must listen to your heart. So, it could be that Acid Jazz be your choice whether or not people around you listen to it or not.

Selection of genre is more important than selecting a musical type; it is a selection of the type of people and the world you will be building your fan family with. It is a selection of what you want to give to the world.


Also, it will decide the face you are showing to the world, so it is pretty important.

  • It is never too late for almost anything. So, you want to change your genre, your approach with the techniques used, or you want to bring a totally new avatar of the instruments in the picture. Most definitely go with it if that’s what you really want. But always make sure that you are using the best of your tools. Fans love surprises artists bring, but remember, not too many!
  • Determination is one thing which is a prerequisite for the creation of music. Almost every tip in the world in every profession is about that, but in music that is really all that matters. The music is not expected to be made in one sitting or 10 or 50. It is a long process and sometimes it takes months to finish off a single project.
  • There can be two approaches in music production and projects. One type of musician works on one project at a time, which helps them to focus on it individually. The second type works on a lot of projects at any given time, which sometimes provide the spaces for creativity to take birth in itself. But we will clearly tip you that, at least, on the time of mastering; sound perfection and final modification give individual focus to every project. Having said that, you should always try to find your own best approach.
  • Now when you have your music almost ready, but you are not very sure about spreading it. So, you start looking for someone who could genuinely review it for you. Now this is a very crucial moment in any artist’s life. You must choose the person who will be willing to tell you the facts about your song with an open heart, let’s say that a very good friend should not be preferred. You must also look up about their preferences of genres. Though it is not necessarily required for them to be a musician to review but its better if they are an audiophile and take music seriously. 

Some reviews might come in unexpected and some might come expected, but if you really think that it could become your identity in the music world then just go with it, no matter if the world tells you otherwise!

Happy Music Making!