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Things a Musician can relate to

Things a Musician can relate to

Most of the time, you will be wearing a Headphone/Earphone

You do not leave your house without one. It is like a religious feel; you may forget anything else, but not your earphones. It is not because you don’t want to avoid human contact for the rest of your life, but you are in your own little world and prefer music over people.

You spend hours curetting your playlist

Your playlist is basically like your baby. You put in a crazy amount of time to arrange your songs in your iPod. You arrange your songs according to your moods and time. On social media, you sweat your blood to show off your playlist. This is one thing every music person can relate to.

Picking up one favorite artist or album is a tough job for you

It is IMPOSSIBLE! For you, choosing one favorite artist or album is almost like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. You might as well be asked your top ten favorites, but dropping in for one musician or album is a heartbreaking decision you might have to make.Discovering an Acoustic version of your song

Discovering an Acoustic version of your song

This is the most awesome moment for you. Hearing a live or acoustic version of your song melts your heart, and you listen to it over and over again. In fact, more than the original recorded track. It is an instant connection that non-music lovers will probably never feel in their life.Meeting someone who appreciates the same music you listen to

Meeting someone who appreciates the same music you listen to

It is the most ground shaking moment for you. Meeting someone with the same music preference ensures you hours of talking and discussions. And the plus point is that if that person is of the opposite gender, who knows what may happen later on!

Concerts make you happy

You are happiest when you get to go to a live show of one of your favorite artists. If you had unlimited money, you would definitely blow it all on concerts. Unfortunately, responsibilities exist.

Trying hard not to be a Music Snob

Sometimes you get carried away and just want to talk about music for hours but quickly realize that not everyone loves music as much as you do. It's hard to refrain from saying things like, "Yeah, I've been listening to them for years. Have you heard their old stuff?" You'll almost always sound like a pretentious person.