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The tale of Parikrama

The tale of Parikrama

Parikrama is one of India’s most iconic bands to rise in the past two decades. Playing more than 250 concerts and around 1000 shows, the band has opened for Iron Maiden thrice during their magnificent career.

The band includes Nitin Malik (vocals), Sonam Sherpa (guitars), Gaurav Balani (bass), Subir Malik (keyboards), Srijan Mahajan (drums), Imran Khan (violin) and Shambhu Nath (tabla). The uniqueness of the band lies in their ability to combine Indian classical instruments like tabla and flute with contemporary rock music. Their first song, Xerox, paved the way for modern Rock N Roll and set an example for many other future bands.

The Parikrama success story, if analysed, is as much a tribute to outstanding managerial skills as it is the result of hours of perfecting a craft. Back in the early Nineties, with the wealth of musical talent inversely proportional to the amount of cash that a rock band made caused a lot of bands to trade in their torn jeans and bandanas for a suit and tie in their efforts to put bread and butter on the table. 

'When we first started getting paid for our shows, I noticed members going out and buying five pairs of jeans or the latest sneakers, and it seemed stupid,' recalls Subir. 'That is when we decided that whatever we earned from the band must go back into the band.' 'We also decided,' chipped in  Nitin Malik, 'that while Parikrama would be food for our souls, so to speak, we would never think of it as a source for paying the bills.' 

Sonam Sherpa, the guitarist of the band, opened the Parikrama School of Music in Delhi on 2003. The School is one of the leading schools of music in India and is the first to formalize contemporary western music in Delhi.

Although Parikrama has recorded many original music, they are continued to be seen as a cover band.

Very rarely does the band record music in a studio. They tape their music live at venues for release. They don’t make money off their music and have never released an album. They prefer to let fans download their music and compile their own original records.