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The Superstar Feel

The Superstar Feel

Thes past few days Yahavi artist Addy Nagar has been keeping his management on their toes. Debutant director Esra Jung, producer and Yahavi director Divyesh Sharma and highly respected DOP Dharmendra Singh Bhurji teamed up to give you what is the start of a promising and exciting year for Yahavi exclusive artist Addy Nagar. Currently in editing, Addy Nagar's latest video 'Party Like a Superstar', is sure to give you a feel of variety and insight into the artist's talent.

Adding an unconvential feel of reality diced with sensible commerical value, Addy is re-introducing flavour to the Rap and Hip-Hop culture. His hit song Black&White has even reached beyond 1mill views on YouTube. 

Watch this space for updates on the video and all news on Addy-a rising superstar.