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The sound of India: A commercial Journey

The sound of India: A commercial Journey

Amidst heavy chartbusters and auto-tuned tracks, the very essence of the Hindi music industry has taken a backseatIt would appear that the sound of music for today’s audience has morphed into anything one can shake their bodies vigorously to. This is what will carry the film, the (possibly) one-hit artist and provide for endless entertainment in traffic.

The film industry seems to have generated a cultural imposition on audience taste in music, which is further strengthened by the need to make quick and quirky songs for the marketplace.

Speaking of which, the two legendary singers of all times Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar also tasted the commercial aspect of the industry. One must note here that Rafi did have a reputation of not being driven by fame or finances; he sang songs for free as well (for lamikant-pyarelal).

In the current scenario, the hunt is for creating an album that has some great hook songs. The singers are only focused on creating music that can get them commercial success. Times are tough. Everybody needs money. But something doesn’t quite sit so well when you hear the next-door classically- trained-violinist break out in Delhi’s top ten favourite Punjabi Pop songs.

Singers are more focused on creating a sensation, allowing depth in music to fade away and sweep aside the need to lyrically sound song-writing. Big singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, and Monali Thakur are all commercial singers who made it to this industry through some reality show. On the other side, several Bollywood singers fight for royalty rights for their songs being used for commercial purpose by radio station

Today’s idea of Hindi hits is adding to globalisation, not of cultural ideas but of commercial highs. But here’s a thinker; are we letting a type of music culture press down on talented musicians whose compositions may never be heard? Or would we ultimately succumb to the dance hits and reckless tunes made famous by the thumbs up icon?


Author Name: Jiya Sharma 

Image Ref: YouTube