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The Music Streaming Conspiracy and Apple

The Music Streaming Conspiracy and Apple

While the licensing debate between Soundcloud and other major music Labels is still heating up, Apple has launched their new streaming services.

Though the approach of this iconic company seemed unique and strong, but since the licensing problem has become a big hassle the future planning does not seem very optimistic. In the line, New York’s attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman and Connecticut’s attorney general George Jepsen stated that Apple pressured Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony to have them pull support from other streaming services which also seems to be working as of now.

Apple is absolutely different from other music streaming services since their model is not based upon free user services but rather a paid subscription. Unlike Soundcloud or Spotify, Apple services will be incorporating social network, radio station and streaming with a single interface.

Jepsen stated that Universal Studios have mentioned, 'they are not befitting on any other platform, which includes streaming services paid or unpaid'. He also said, “Continue to monitor the market to ensure that consumers and competition are protected”.

Apple’s latest move will clearly affect millions of users who feed through these services.