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The MI Live experience

The MI Live experience

When I first learned that Yahavi would be working together with MI, on a Live campaign, my sensors started pinging like crazy. Aim of the exercise-to provide a suitable platform for artists to showcase and allow their fanbase to grow. Live? On what platform? Why have I not heard of this app? What would the content be? What will people think if I do something weird? I am leaving the most permanent digital footprint I could think of!Un-unseeable material at the world's disposal! Panic!Panic!Panic!

But you know what? Those are some of the most futile worries I ever had to have.

I'll say this only once, MI Live is probably the best thing that has happened to my confidence in my entire life. I followed all sign up instructions given by Yahavi and did my first stream. And before I had even got to finish the first part of Take 5 on my piano, I had over 60 people watching my live stream on their device. *pats self on back*

60 is a good number for me (I know don't clock in under a few hundred). But it did not end there. I took to conversing with people and they were nice. Nice. Just plain and simple nice. Yes, they have the ability to sensor themselves but as for the host, once you have said or done something it is out there. To make life easier I created a Live Streaming avatar for myself. Sort of my 'celebrity' side (*wink *wink). The rest just happened naturally. 

Since then I have logged 10+ hours on the MI live app and the kicker of it all- I am getting paid for it! We all know money is alway the real motivation behind all deeds. So today, I leave you with a small insight into the Live streaming world and hope this raises your curiosity. Join Yahavi and MI Live on the only Live app that is paying you for your time online. You can find all instructions on the opportunities page on this site. Don't forget to follow the already signed-up Yahavi artists, who are getting more and more popular by the minute (we already have a few artists who hit daily a few thousand viewers! That is not a small number). Objective achieved.