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The Invasion of The Fanculos

The Invasion of The Fanculos

Take a pinch of Something Relevant in Vinay Lobo, a dash of Airport in Ryan Sadri, add some Drift in Saurabh Suman, a touch of The Dirty Jays in Jehangir Jehangir (JJ) and the final touch from British-born musician Ramon Ibrahim and you have yourself - The Fanculos.

A super-group (if you may), based out of Mumbai is the brain-child of Ramon. The Fanculos is a made-up word, English derivative of the Italian phrase ‘Vaffanculo!’ Their sound is a mix of high-energy Ska, dub, reggae and funk, and you can be assured their energy is derived from the music of Bad Manners and the likes.

They appeared on our radar with their electrifying gig at Blue Frog (Mumbai), when they played alongside Bombay Basement, and five gigs down they are ready to set Delhi on fire as part of The Gig Week.

So, till their EP comes out, we suggest you head down to The Lodi Garden Restaurant on the 15th of December, when they share the stage with Delhi-based acts - The Ska Vengers and Mosko.

You can follow them here:


Author: Mohtashim Hashmi

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