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The Futuristic Guitar Processor : Helix

The Futuristic Guitar Processor : Helix

This guitar processor looks gorgeous and is filled with multi-effect pedal which gives it some deep and quality sound experience. It can become a complete computer to handle every sound coming out of your guitar. It is equally reliable for stage performances and studio production.

It uses dual-DSP processing for sound designing. The interface is nothing like before, thanks to the touch-sensitive foot switches, colour LCD and hands-free editing. It works efficiently well with all guitar amps, making sounds heavier and powerful.

It also has a joystick and other edit buttons which could be used to select, and navigate pages with one hand.

The guitar also gives a complete control with external remote control for traditional Amps and


It is also integrated with Variax Integration for tuning, effects and power for your Varian guitar.

There are 3 versions to Helix:

Helix Control $499

Helix Rack $1,499

Helix $1,499

To get a better idea on the guitar effects of Helix, check this video.