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The Fall of 50 Cent

The Fall of 50 Cent

Nominated five times for the Grammys, 50 cent was one of an unavoidable rapper at one time. With an exception to, maybe, Snoop Dogg, we can't envision another rapper getting a bigger launch; his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ dominated the hip hop culture in 2003, selling millions of copies. His single In Da Club stayed at the top of the charts for more than eight weeks. His album made it to the top 50 albums of all times by Rolling Stones and became one of the most commercially successful albums of all time.

Back in the day, 50 cent, formerly known as Jackson, had his mentors, Dr Dre and Eminem, to back him up, it was almost sure that he would not fail. His struggles were his strength; he was a Hip Hop Horatio Alger story who overcame his drug-dealing adolescence and getting shot nine times! Yes, NINE TIMES! Despite all these, he came out to be a superstar. Children would chant his name, as a God! So what happened to him?

According to six-time Academy nominee, Jim Sheridan, Jackson did a terrible job directing Get Rich, because the film turned out to be a disaster, both critically and commercially.

Jackson rose to fame partially on the strength of "Wanksta," a devastating early diss track that played a huge role in ending the career of the rapper’s arch-rival Ja Rule. In the years that followed, Jackson kept beefing with everyone and everything, but it wasn’t just his new music that paled in comparison to his early stuff: his new beef was petty and strained and informed by increasingly knee-jerk misogyny.

When Jackson released his third album, Graduation, he decided to try and pump up his sales by sparking up a rivalry. He vowed he will end his solo career if Kanye West outsells him. And Kanye did. But, Jackson wasn’t very keen on keeping that promise.

Jackson tried to continue his non-existent with various stints like Pimpin’ Curly, his insane vanity project, Before I Self Destruct, All Things Fall Apart, and many more. He got himself on the wrong side of Rick Ross. While the path to Jackson’s bankruptcy was long and eventful, the ultimate catalyst was a multi-million-dollar lawsuit Jackson lost against Lastonia Leviston, the ex-girlfriend of rival Rick Ross, who accused Jackson of leaking a sex tape featuring her in an attempt to humiliate her ex-boyfriend back in 2009.

After all, 50 Cent spent much of his career cultivating an image as a cool, collected, consummate businessman not ruled by emotions, and that person apparently could not have had consistently made such awful decisions. Pimpin’ Curly, on the other hand — now that is a man who is not to be trusted.