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The Crowd with Smiles - Yahavi At Pamphilos

The Crowd with Smiles - Yahavi At Pamphilos

The crowd at Pamphilos on the evening of the World Music Day was in for a treat as the night started with Sonali Vij's acoustic second performance. When asked, several members of the audience admitted to being beguiled by Sonali's performance. The audience had the following to say.

I never imagined Snow Patrol could be covered like that! It was really nice, I loved how she gave her own twist to some of the songs and her voice really was lovely.” said Aditi so it was an overall scene which brought all the audiophiles in unison and made them enjoy a soothing evening of Sufi and acoustic pop and rock.

Pranay, from the audience who is a musician himself plays Psychedelic Trance, had a change of heart after listening to the performance, and said, “We are not usually the types to go out for events like this. But I'm glad I came.”

Soon after Sonali's set, the band “Aanch” took the stage with their multi-genre style of music. Their music was mostly inspired by Sufi. However, they have incorporated their own twist into their music. The audience included individuals of all ages ranging from the youth to sixty-year-olds who received the band well.

An army veteran said “I'm glad that today's youth has taken such an interest in Sufi music even though it is fusion. I enjoyed the performance thoroughly, and I'd love to come back again if they perform.”

All in all the evening was great and the people who attended left with a smile on their face. Cheers!