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The Creative Genius Of The Trio - Glitch Mob

The Creative Genius Of The Trio - Glitch Mob

One of the niche electronic composers in the industry today, the Glitch Mob trio clearly infuses sounds with the grand set up. Their approach focuses equally on the composition and the driving high tempo beats. Clearly, it is the most famous group of LA which started within an underground scene of the city. It has been making waves on the planet with real dance music lovers of this decade.

They have taken things to the next level of implying the latest technologies into live performances. The use of exquisitely engineered drums and high-tech pads creates a show of genuine amazement. This gives a peek into the future of live performances. They have even named the machines that they are using to make the performance striking and one of a kind.

You can check the short documentary that takes you through the intense details of the process, leading one to feel electrified and reprise them for the time taken to release the second album. They were required to change the whole production process to infuse it with nouveau designer machines; displaying their inherent creative tendencies.

All we can say is they are one genius trio - The Glitch Mob.