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The Comfort Playlist

The Comfort Playlist

A playlist is so subjective to the needs of a person's immediate state of mind, body and soul. I, too, have my playlists reflecting my emotional needs, the mood I am in and also tracks that let on how tired or peppy I am feeling.

We all have a that song that makes us feel good, the one that makes you fall in to a deep sleep, a bouncy few numbers that give you the motivation to awaken; but what the playlist I usually have on repeat is one filled with tunes of comfort- the songs that play on my ipod when I literally have to drag myself out of bed to get to work, or when I am home alone or if it's raining outside- I like to call them my 'sweet escape' songs-

So, here I bring you 10 songs to comfort you on your worst and best days;


  1. - Affection by Cigarettes After Sex

  2. - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You by Cigarettes After Sex

  3. - My Valentine by Paul McCartney

  4. - New York I Love You by LCD Soundsystem (Jazz Edit)

  5. - Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart

  6. - Your Chin by Your Chin

  7. - You And Me by Penny and the Quarters

  8. - Tu Hi Re, Bombay (1995)

  9. - Roja Janeman, Roja (1992)

  10. - Take me somehwhere nice by Mogwai

 Everyone has their own kind of playlist. But it’s always refreshing to see what others have to offer in musical taste- and who knows, perhaps a few new tracks that make you fall in love with harmony in a new way all over again.


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