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The Best Music Festivals of India– The Dream Destination Of Every Music Lover

The Best Music Festivals of India– The Dream Destination Of Every Music Lover

There are scores of ways to travel and ascertain India in its true morale but what if I enlighten you that it is going to be a tuneful journey. It would be great isn’t it; there can be no bigger reason to visit a place than this one. Imagine a vacationer destination with a music fiesta going on. Today people don’t just want to visit India they also want to be a part of its culture and there is nothing more unfolding then the music itself. Here are a few musical festivals according to which you may love to plan your trek in future.

Hornbill– Kohima

The same is held in December and it is one of the biggest cultural sightseer events of India. The festival provides you in-depth insight of the cultural heritage of Kohima and Nagaland. The festival is famous for its prevalent seven days rock contest. From colorful recitals to crafts, paintings and sports food tariffs and games there is something for every art enthusiast.

Summer Storm Festival– Bangalore

Going to be Apprehended in the true cosmopolitan of India in November, Bangalore the summer storm festival can definitely be called one of the biggest metal festivals of India. However, the festival also serves the best of the best hard rock acts as well. In fact, you may love to attend the same after knowing the fact that the eminent American Band ‘The Lambs of God’ performed here in its preliminary year 2010.

Mahindra Blues– Mumbai

The guitars are widespread desired and they on no account run out of inclination either you’re a music aficionado or a tourism enthusiast in both ways you’re going to love the Mahindra Blues Concert held in iconic ‘Mehboob Studio’ upcoming February. From Buddy Guy to John Lee Hooker Jr, and Walter Trout and all who’s who of the world of music perform here.