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The Beat of BeatBoxing in India

The Beat of BeatBoxing in India

Beatboxing is an evolving art. In the recent years; we have seen the rise of a new type of music that is equally interesting and unique. If you are fascinated with the kinds of sounds your body can produce and interested in tunes and beats; then you should definitely try out beat boxing.

So, what about beatboxing is attracting music lovers and musicians? As human beatboxing champion Shlomo once said: "The vocal stuff is just way more convenient; dragging those drums everywhere was just exhausting!" Also, it's amazing how much one's voice can do. "The human voice is an amazing instrument. It is used as a source and so much can be done with it," says UK beatboxer Darren Foreman better known as Beardyman.

This 'voice as an instrument' is a form of vocal percussion that produces the sound of drum beats and rhythm and other varieties of musical tunes using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice. Beatboxing has created a space within itself, with the help of social media.

A trailblazer, a dynamo, a vibrant character spreading positive energy wherever he goes, the 24-year-old beatboxing champ, Vineeth Vincent, comes like a hurricane and keeps the audience excited through his reverberating sound. He may be defined as a ‘breathtaker’ in every show, by captivating the listeners through his vocal beats and raps. Vineeth, a youngster from Bengaluru, made his official debut in beatboxing in 2008. He played a significant role in popularising beatboxing in India.

Starting off as a professional emcee in Bangalore, Vincent took a year off his studies at Christ University to pay more attention to music and beatboxing. After returning to Bangalore, he dedicated his life to beatboxing. His most notable achievement would be the largest beatboxing assembly, consisting of 2,136 people. Incidentally, he held this record previously with 1,246 participants as well, before it was broken by Shlomo with 2,081 people.

India's first entrant in the world of beatboxing was in the form of Voctronica, the first beatboxing orchestra. Debuting in 2012, Voctronica is a collaboration between Sony Music, the British Council and Zomba. The whole selection process was done by Shlomo, a Guinness World Record holder and a Beat Boxing champion and led by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, ex-vocalist of the Mumbai-based hardcore band, Scribe.

Since then, the train did not stop. Some beatboxers have revealed themselves and carving a name out of the niche corner. It is a growing industry, with bands like Aflatunes making a significant mark in the industry.

Way to go!