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Take me back to the Paradise City!

Take me back to the Paradise City!

With all the hype about Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber coming to India, am I the only one wondering about the next Iron Maiden tour?

I know there are many who talk about being born in the wrong generation, but for people like me there is just something in the voice of Freddie Mercurie that no modern day singer can match. People listen to EDM as if it is the best thing to ever happen to music, but I disagree, because I have seen the fingers of Slash dance along his guitar while Axl calls his Sweet Child. I see girls screaming while they listen to One Direction, but I believe they haven't yet heard Nothing Else Matters, or Fade to Black.No disrespect to any artist, for they do put in work in their songs. What music someone likes is his or her own choice. But where  did all the classic rock lovers go?

I feel that we are now a forgotten group, this wave of meaningless rap lyrics have washed over the efforts of Lynryd Skynryd, The Eagles and Ozzy Osbourne. There was a time when lyrics were so much deeper, when music was a way to connect to your soul, when a single guitar riff would give you goosebumps lasting for minutes.Take Bohemian Rhapsody, for instance. The song by itself has deeper lyrics than all songs of modern day rappers combined. Take the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a 13 minute long adaptation of the poem by Iron Maiden. I get bored after I listen to dubstep for 3 minutes, but I have never ever skipped that song on my playlist.I wish I could understand why people get impressed with one line "Started from the bottom now we here" being rapped eight times in a row, when you could instead listen to Comfortably Numb, or any song from the Dark Side of the Moon.

This is just my opinion, but I do feel that we have evolved music into something that shows off your money and gets you girls, rather than expressing your feelings. Steve Vai can express more than his songs without uttering a word as compared to Lil Wayne, or Arianna Grande.

If you enjoy the current music scene, where all it takes is one bass drop for a song to reach top of the charts everywhere, then that is your mindset. I feel sorrow for what music has descended into. You are welcome to listen to "Animals", or "What do you mean" or whatever you like. Leave me alone with November Rain, The Trooper and Mr. Crowley.I know there are many others like me. And their guitar gently weeps just like mine does.