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Story Behind The Famous Band's Names

Story Behind The Famous Band's Names

Did you know why your favorite band have that unique name? Or are you complacently enjoying their melodious contribution to the mankind without paying any heed to its inception and the very act of naming its venture? Budding musicians have to deliberate long when choosing a name to give their band - An identity. Like expecting parents naming a baby, their choice must be catchy, contain plenty of meaning, and convey the intentionality behind their music. What could be the possible inspirations behind the 'Cray' names? Here are some interesting stories on how some of the popular bands got their titular identity!


The idea behind this band's name comes from Malcolm and Angus Young's sister, Margaret's observation. She saw the initials "AC/DC" on a sewing machine that is an abbreviation of "alternating current/direct current". The brothers felt that this name symbolized the band's raw energy and the power-driven performances of their music. The AC/DC band name is stylized with a lightning bolt separating the "AC" and "DC". The band musicians didn't realize AC/DC was also slang for bi-sexual, which caused a few awkward moments the band would just rather not talk about!

The Doors

It seems that the inspiration for this band was in classical literature. Poet William Blake inspired Jim Morrison with the line:
If the doors of perception are cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite.

Arctic Monkeys

In an interview, Alex Turner stated they made up so many lies about the name of the band that it's hard to keep track. The truth is- "It's just a name. Jamie, the guitarist, came up with it at school before we were in a band. He just always wanted to be in a band called Arctic Monkeys." Turner later revealed that he thinks Arctic Monkeys is a "bad" name for the rock band.

Foo Fighters

‘Foo Fighter’ was a World War II term used by pilots to describe strange flying objects that flew alongside and sometimes circled their planes. Allied pilots assumed they were enemy secret weapons. No one seemed to know what, if anything, these objects were supposed to accomplish. Pilots, guessing that it was a new psychological weapon, named it the ‘foo-fighter’. The phenomenon was never explained, however, provided the Foo Fighters band its name.


According to Redfoo:

Our first name was Sexy Dudes, actually Sex’e Dudes, because that’s how we feel when we walk in the spot. A lot of people said why would you have a name that is so obvious, most bands have a name that is a little ironic or out of the box. So we were back on the search and one day we were chatting with Sky’s grandma

Sky Blu picks up the story at this point:

I was on my iChat with grandma goodfoot22, that is her screen name… and I said, “Grandma, what do you think of our new name, “Sex’e Dudes?”, and she simply replied, “LMFAO, r u serious?” At this point I’m looking at the screen and I’m like, “LMFAO, r u serious?” and Red Foo comes over, and says, “Hey man, look at that right there. What if we just use that as our name? LMFAO, r u serious?”

LMFAO, r u serious was not available as a domain name because it was too long. So they shortened it to LMFAO.


Pronounced as ‘Plus Forty Four’, the band name is a reference to the international dialing code of the United Kingdom, where band members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker first discussed the project.


ABBA is the palindromic acronym of the first names of the band members, Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid. Before 'ABBA' they were going by, 'Björn, Benny, Agnetha&Anni-Frid.' Being a mouthful, their manager Stig Anderson would refer to them as ‘ABBA’ that was a bit of a joke in Sweden, since ABBA was Sweden's largest fish cannery. However, ABBA Seafood was happy to share the name and even sent the artists a case of tuna.

Trivia: "SOS" by ABBA has the distinction of being the only hit song where both the song's title and artist's name are palindromes.

Backstreet Boys 

Well, it seems they were in a hurry to name their boy band. Thus, it was done after Back Street Market, a shopping area/teen hangout in Orlando, Florida.

Linkin Park

The name is derived from a park (now known as Christine Reed Park) in Santa Monica, California; the band changed the spelling from Lincoln to Linkin because the domain name was unavailable.