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Steinberg Nuendo - All DAW Series

Steinberg Nuendo - All DAW Series

Steinberg Nuendo is more about post production mastering then production in itself. Although a fair amount of people use it to create music.These are some of the features which makes it an exceptional DAW.

Automated Loudness processing to both industry standards such as EBU R128 and fully user-definable settings

  • Professional bass management including several routing and filter options coming with the new Bass Manager plug-in
  • Track visibility management speeds up handling especially of large projects by offering dynamic displaying of audio tracks and groups in the project window
  • Improved AAF Filter now supports even better import/export to Pro Tools and Media Composer
  • New monitoring and metering section for better source management and better overview on the most frequently used functions
  • Experience a richer sound with REVelation reverb and Magneto 2, warm and smooth tape saturation plug-in
  • Steinberg Hub with direct access to user-defined folders and news section for the latest Nuendo product updates