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Songs that define Psychedelic Rock

Songs that define Psychedelic Rock

For music lovers, psychedelic rock is one of the most beloved genres of music. It is not only blissful to the ears but the riffs and the lyrics add meaning to the composition. To put it simply, it puts you in a state of subversive consciousness. When you listen to it, the ‘high’ takes over without the drugs.

These songs will define the genre of Psychedelic rock music.

Venus in Furs- Velvet Underground

The song, inspired by the novella of the same name by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, was released in 1967.  Name of the album was (Named after the band), The Velvet Underground, that itself was named after a 1963 book by Michael Leigh. The song explores the cravings of a man towards bondage, submission and sadomasochism.

The Red Telephone– Love

The song was released in 1967. Composed by Arthur Lee, the song is invariably exquisite with themes like paranoia, society, dread and death expressed with loose, folk-like chords.

White Rabbit- Jefferson Airplane

The song came out on the album Surrealistic Pillow in 1967. The lyrics were inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, in which Slick found many references to drugs. She noticed that children’s stories involved a substance to alter the reality, something she found worth writing about. It can quickly intensify your high, giving you goose bumps with its amazing vocals.

The Doors- An American Prayer

For the listeners of The Doors, their music was about love and relationships, but for lovers of the doors, their music was about the restless dilemmas of youth and the chaos between virtual and real. Hands down, In the end, remains the anthem. While An American Prayer, is the manifesto for bluesy dreamers. The way music gradually picks up from ominous synth line in the starting and its brilliant lyrics causing a little frightening atmosphere is just brilliant.

Led Zeppelin- No Quarter

The classic legends made this song and redefined hope for listeners. This song is like a dreamer’s lullaby in a dark world we are living in. No one will be home tonight…

Sleepy Sun- Marina

In the modern world, Sleepy Sun, an American rock band is making some eccentric psychedelic music. This song is a ballad of distortions and drums, and the lyrics are nothing less of poetry

Tame Impala - Eventually

This recent album by the Australian rock band is a perfect infusion of psychedelic rock and electronics.