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Sonali Vij Shares About Her On-Stage Experience

Sonali Vij Shares About Her On-Stage Experience

After the performance which touched everybody's heart and soul, we had the conversation with Sonali. She said,

The crowd was good, they responded well. I felt a little exhausted after the first set, though.

Sonali, however, did not let that deter her in her performance. When asked about her inspiration, Sonali mentioned Radiohead.

I’ve been listening to them for seven years. They’ve just been my favourite band ever since.

The Synth player in Sonali's band, Pooja, come together with her endeavor of making it big in the music industry.

The first time I heard her music I was blown away. That’s when my major interest was to see her (Sonali's) music reach a level of recognition where I can say; yes we have achieved something with our music. We’ve been together for 3 years now.

When we asked them to describe themselves and tell us why the Delhi crowd should listen to them, they had the following to say.

Sonali's music has originality, it has great structure and the amazing riffs that she pulls off are definitely what set us apart. These things bind us together and make us play together so that we can give a great show. People should listen to our music if they want to hear something new. We always experiment with our music, yes we may be an alternative rock band, but that doesn’t hold us back as far as trying new things are concerned.

We also asked Sonali and her band about what kind of changes they would like in the Delhi music scene.

People should be more open to listening to new music. They should be expecting original compositions and not cover songs that they’ve already heard. How else does new blood come into the industry? People in Delhi need to be open to listening to our original songs.

As we said goodbye to Sonali, we said we looked forward to her working with us again and that we would like to listen to her originals soon.