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Six Signs That A Struggling Artist Understands In India

Six Signs That A Struggling Artist Understands In India

Artists, especially in India, fall outside the league of mainstream professions. They come across various circumstances where they counter the stereotypes related to their art forms. Fundamental to all the issues faced by an artist in India is that he/she is an artist in India. If you face the same, probably you are also an artist looking for the right opportunity.

You Find Yourself Jamming In High­end Clubs And Lounges For Free Food And Drinks.

You think you’re going to get paid a butt load of money when you perform at a high­end club, right? But wait! What you get is ‘experience’, sushi and a peg of Johnnie Walker (if you’re lucky), which is of course everything in the world you ever wanted. Can not underestimate Johnny Walker, or good sushi for that sake!

Your Crucifix Tattoo Is Confused As The Muse Of Your Metal Base. 

“Go ahead people; judge me for all the artist stereotypes.” Getting an ear piercing done or wearing ripped jeans because it is a fashion statement is confused as my donning as a bassist. Such are the awkward moments you face as an artist when your entire identity is confused as maneuvering towards a clichéd artist­like figure.

You Are A Rock Band, But You Find Yourself Singing At A Kid’s Birthday Party To Make The Ends Meet.

As a struggling artist, you have bills to pay. For all you know, you might be performing one day at a Garba Night and a kid’s party the other being an Indie Rock band to pay your rent. *Facepalm*

When You Tell Your Neighbors That You Are A Musician They Reply “No. That’s Okay, But What Do You Do?”


The annoying aunty next door is always poking her nose in your life choices. She flaunts her son’s dual degree from some university in London and he becomes the ‘successful’ one whereas you’re ‘just a musician’.

You Find Yourself Dealing With Snobbish Managers To Get Payments For Your Past Performances.

Your phone bills are more than what you earn because you have to be after your hiring agent’s life to get you payments. You have to deal with your calls being ignored and disconnected. You develop a new art form, i.e., patience and waiting for your cheque.

Because You Are A Guitarist, Your Friends Ask You To Play Wherever And Whenever They Are Bored.

Because you carry a guitar, people expect you to play just about anywhere­ be it a park or a house party.