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Rules for a Mosh Pit

Rules for a Mosh Pit

It is a relationship. If it is a Metal gig, you will see countless heads rolling and bodies colliding. Yes, a Mosh pit. Mosh pit is the ultimate way to show your love for Metal music. A lay man may just see a bunch of hooligans trying to beat the hell out of each other. But a metalhead knows that Mosh pits a governed by a certain set of rules. Let us have a look:

Pick up the fallen

If you see someone has tripped, it is your absolute duty to pick him up. It is understood at every gig to pick up the fallen, so as they don’t get trampled upon. Stop moshing, lift them up, pat them on the back and continue. Despite the notion on how people look at moshpits, no one is trying to kill anyone. Don’t push the fallen person back to the pit; they will hop in if they need to.

Hold lost items up in the air

It is very common that people drop their valuables during a mosh. If you happen to find anything of value during the mosh, pick it up and raise it in the air. If you do not get any response, keep it with you safely and try to find the owner of it. At worst, if no one turns up, deposit the valuable at the lost counter. It is a simple act of humility for someone else’s stuff.

Sidelines means responsibility

Staying at the sides of the pit means either you are about to jump back in the mosh or keeping the line where it is. This spot is reserved for the people who wants somebody to shove but are interested in playing defence for the moment. This position is perfect for someone who wants to push people, but create a line for those on the outside who simply wants to catch the show.

Know about it first

Punk and metal pits used to be a bit more distinct from one another, the former stemming from skanking and circle pits, the latter from slam dance and showy fist flails. Depending on the show you're likely to see some hybridized version of all of these, but occasionally the band will literally dictate the format. If someone calls for a wall of death, know ahead of time how to prepare.

Know when it starts or ends

There is no written rule when a mosh begins or ends. In most cases, the opening bands brings out the potential ‘moshing’ mode of the crowd. Other time, it will be a signature blastbeat or a riff. Or sometimes, you just go with the flow. If you decided it is time to be  rough, look around you and recognize who else around you are thinking the same.

Do not throw things

Tossing water is a pretty acceptable practice, but anything above that is simply a big NO NO. Water bottles or alcohol cans weigh significantly and can cause quite a damage. Remember that Houdini died taking a punch from something. If something heavy lands on your head, that gig could probably be your last gig.

Don’t make it personal

A mosh pit is not your personal anger vending area. Elbows fly everywhere and are not intended to be thrown at specific targets. Don’t get upset if someone accidently pushed you too hard or hit you on your face. And vice versa, don’t target any person randomly just because he gives you negative vibes.