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Review: Sonali Vij And Aanch, New Delhi

Review: Sonali Vij And Aanch, New Delhi

Sonali Vij and her band warmed up the ambience by covering some of the top tracks like in their particular unique style. Their music teamed up with synchrony between keyboards and groovy vocals that danced on the frequency between medium and high notes. Acoustic riffs provided an overall structure, while Cajon (an instrument originally from Peru) made us tap our fingers on our tables while enjoying the band with our snacks and drinks.

On request, they played a few numbers of their originals which were really amazing and made me think that this is one such particular band that people should know about. They have a distinct groove to their acoustic riffs, with keyboards providing melody and the vocals adhering the entire harmony of their whole composition. They played with the sunset light in their background and their music soothed our minds with the evening colours. The environment felt like a beautiful evening with beautiful azure outside, and the lighting of the small lanterns on each table and along the window grills filled the voids of anything that was missing. Their songs provided perfect background music for the feelings and attitude the audience were enjoying.

Where on one hand Sonali Vij and her band had already warmed up the ambience, Aanch came on stage and heated it up more. By this time, it was already dark, and everyone was in a rhythmic mode.

You can read more about Aanch's performance here. powered by yahavi