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Radiohead will come up with a new album in 2016

Radiohead will come up with a new album in 2016

Radiohead has confirmed that they will be coming up with a new album in 2016, as the members affirmed. The band said they will be completing recording their album by the end of this year and may opt for a world tour for it.

The group confirmed that the new album is undergoing minor tweaks and changes. Guitarist, Jonny Greenwood, said in a conversation with a Russian radio channel, Silver Rain, on a Reddit report:

We have completed recording the new album, but we keep listening to it and change the views on the recorded material. We hope that soon we will finish it and start building plans for a next year tour.

The new album will be a follow-up of their 2011 album, The King of Limbs. In another interview with NME, drummer Phil Selway talked about a different strategy they did for the new album. He also talked about how they managed to mix different methods with recording their upcoming release. 

We are hopeful the band will disclose the album launch dates and tour details by December. Till then, keep on checking Yahavi for more information.