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Pioneer Launches The RMX-1000 For iOS Devices

Pioneer Launches The RMX-1000 For iOS Devices
Pioneer's RMX-1000 is a fine DJ-friendly effects processor that was launched in 2012. But, if you don't mind spending a few hundred dollars for the hardware, you can now get hold of an iPad version.
The app, which has been under works for quite some time, combines the RMX-1000 hardware and RMX-1000 companion VST, thus adding a powerful Pioneer FX to a DJ set. 
This app allows you to add effects to songs in your iTunes library,  But the most interesting feature is the ability to route audio into the application via Inter-App Audio (iOS's inbuilt audio routing system) and AudioBus ( a stand-alone app allows more advanced routing of audio between apps).
Right now there’s not a single “killer feature” that distinguishes the iPad version of the RMX-1000 significantly from either of its other iterations (hardware / VST), but Pioneer has brought all the familiar FX over to iOS in the app, including:
Scene FX – Echo, Noise, Spiral Up/Down, Reverb, Crush, etc
Isolate FX – FX applied with EQ to the Lows, Mids, or Highs; Cut/Add, Trans/Roll, Gate/Drive
X-PAD FX – These are samples triggered in time with the track – the X-Pad allows your to repeat the samples at different rates. Use the standard drum kit included, or load in your own samples instead.
Release FX – Escape out of the applied FX and back to the music using Backspin, Vinyl Brake, and Echo.
Like its hardware forebear, the app features Scene, Isolate, X-PAD and Release FX, all of which can be edited according to your will.
The RMX-1000 is available now from the Apple App Store for the introductory price of £7.99/$9.99. This price will rise to $19.99 on 11 November.