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Philip Glass: Memoir Out Now

Philip Glass: Memoir Out Now

Philip Glass- A major figure in the world of modern classical music has created a legacy of highest standards and musical practices. ‘Words without Music’ is his memoir to come out at the age of 78. The book takes you on a journey of the man that Philip Glass is today.

From his early life he struggled a lot, keeping in mind about his ordinary, middle-class family who had nothing to do with music. Glass also talks about 'Einstein on the Beach', his great success of 1976. He also complains that the disappointment felt by some die-hard fans after 'Einstein on the Beach', has more to do with their unfulfilled expectations than with what he was actually doing. Fair enough!

And yet, the musician devotes a detailed chapter to 'Einstein', while only summing up his ten symphonies and not mentioning at least half of his twenty-five other operas. He may not appear to indulge in the subjectivities of his audience, yet, he dwells on the music he feels people are interested in.