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Our Pick of the Best Bands From South

Our Pick of the Best Bands From South

In the last post, we explored through the North East to bring to you some of the best bands the region has to produce. Today, we will walk through the land of the machas and bring you the top South Indian bands to you.


Motherjane is one of the earliest rock bands to emerge from the South. With very progressive time signatures, yet keeping their Carnatic touch, this band has travelled all over India, headlining various college gigs and festivals. Apart from here, the band has also played in festivals around America and Japan. Motherjane has a cult following who are known to paint their faces with like those of Kathak dancers. Their album, Maktub, was named the album of the year in 2009.

Thermal and a Quarter

The band describes their music as Bangalore rock, meaning a style that is rooted in the Western rock idiom, but is Indian in a very subtle way. The band packs a variety of genres in their songs like Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul and Prog. Their songs contain the great chronicles of life in their city, as we can see in their first album, entitled Indeed, inspired many to pick up their guitars and try new kinds of stuff.

Junkyard Groove

Alt rock band from Chennai, Junkyard Groove is, perhaps, the most recognized bands in India. Ameeth Thomas, the vocalist of Junkyard Groove, started off his career with JYG. From sweeping awards to headlining various college fests, JYG’s growth has been remarkable. Their music consists of funk and rock music. Ameeth’s voice is the most soulful voice one will ever hear in their lives. Unfortunately, the band disbanded in 2011, but Ameeth jumpstarted JYG by bringing in new members.

Escher’s Knot

Escher’s Knot is a metal band hailing from Chennai. With influences ranging from Textures to Tool to Decapitated, the band easily combines technical riffing with the drums, thick bass lines and growls. They were one of the first metal bands to emerge from the region, and they have been carrying the mantle ever since. The band recently released their EP “Tessellations”.

Raghu Dixit Project

Raghu Dixit Project is an eponymous venture of singer-songwriter, Raghu Dixit. It is a folk rock band from Bangalore that released their debut album back in 2008, Raghu Dixit, that became the highest non-film album of that year. The band has gigged all over the country and overseas. Raghu Dixit Project is one of the most respected bands that has emerged from the country in the last decade.