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Our Pick of the Best Bands From Mumbai

Our Pick of the Best Bands From Mumbai

Continuing the series of picks of bands from various regions in India, we will be seeking out bands from the City that never sleeps, aka, Mumbai. Check it out below.

Bhayanak Maut

If you are a metalhead anywhere in India, you must have been in one Bhayanak Maut gig at least. Groove/Death metallers from Mumbai, Bhayanak Maut is a band that is still inspiring thousands of kids to embrace metal or pick up their guitars. Their songs are all about the fall of modern democracy, accompanied by unrelenting riffs and drums. Two vocalists in the band fill in the gaps with back-breaking growls. The band has been together for more than ten years and is still going strong.


Electro Rockers from Mumbai, Pentagram has been making people dance to their tunes since 1994. They started off like any other band, playing at college fests, after which they came to the spotlight after winning three major IIT fests in Kanpur, Delhi and Mumbai. The band signed a record deal and released their debut album ‘We are not listening’ in 1996. The album became the fastest selling rock album, and since then, there had been no stopping them. Fusing electro elements with rock, the band has created an identity for themselves and are totally rocking it out!

Goddess Gagged

Unfortunately, the band does not exist anymore. But if it did, GG would definitely be kicking some progressive love all around. The progressive rock band came on the scene around 2009 and quickly gained popularity by winning several college gigs. So talented are these guys that two of them are now in Skyharbor, an internationally acclaimed Ambient Djent band and the rest are engrossed in their own successful ventures. They certainly gave Bombay some good Progressive music to listen to.


This is one of the oldest bands in the list. Scribe released their first album, ‘Have Hard. Will Core’ back in 2006. They are known for their crazy on-stage tactics and get-ups. Musically, they are a Hardcore band, with a fun mix of in-your-face riffs and drums, with a guy wearing a panda cap, screaming his lungs off. If you have seen this band live, you will know crowd surfing is a must. The band released three full-length albums and is currently working on a new one. Recently, the band’s vocalist, Vishesh Krishnamoorthy gave up the vocal duties, and was duly handed over to Siddharth Basrur and Viraj Saxena. Watch out, anyone could pick you up from their set.


Fuelled by the will of making good music, Blakc is one alt-rock band to look out for. Their music is a combination of beautiful riffs from which you can make out the band’s personality. Energetic! You cannot actually define the band’s genre, so they make their own music.