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Old school Music Tv Shows.

Old school Music Tv Shows.

Music shows (be it in 90’s or in 21st century), still manage to untangle the best out of the heap. Let’s go a little back in time to experience the good old days of our favorite music shows.

MTV Select 

When the internet speed was not very high and one had to rely on Internet cafes for downloading their favorite number, Nikhil Chinapa in his uber cool style would barge in. This is Nikhil Chinapa and you are watching MTV Select.  Chinapa would stand in the front of the screen and take music requests through calls and messages. The show was a hit mainly because of two things, one the good music and another being Chinapa’s charm.


MTV Most wanted

The show hosted by VJ Shenaz Treasurywala was a hit among teenagers. Shenaz on the show would read out beautifully written, artistically decorated letters from her fans and take their song requests.  Yes, there was a time when there were hand written letters too!


Philips Top 10

This show was Bollywood’s answer to the Billboard charts. This was a record chart show that aired the top 10 most popular numbers from Bollywood movies. This show enjoyed immense popularity both with youngsters and adults alike.


Luke’s After Hours

This show was totally worth staying up late at night. Aired on Channel V , on the show one could expect anything from REM to Snoop Dogg, from Sheryl Crow to Joan Jett, on this show. Handpicked by VJ-turned-TV-programming guru, Luke Kenny, Luke's After Hours was arguably the best thing on TV if you were curious about music.


Author: Pranjal Bhonde

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